Introducing Bomb Bars  Made of our classic Blender Bombs, Bomb Butter, and other plant-based superfoods, Bomb Bars are the go-to snack when the sugar cravings hit. Plus, we've got the flavor range for every craving!


PB & J: Putting a pause on adulting with this PB & J Bomb Bar. Made with plant-based ingredients and superfoods, our PB & J will bring you back to the nostalgic days of sitting with your besties in the cafeteria. Throw this in your bag and eat it at any time of the day, no need to wait for the lunch bell to ring.
Disclaimer: There is a mistake on the film for PB & J. It says blueberries on the front of the package. On the ingredients it says cherries. The recipe we did has cherries and not blueberries.


CACAO SEA SALT: For the chocoholics out there, this Cacao Sea Salt Bomb Bar is the perfect combo of sweet and salty and will crush any sugar cravings without all the crappy artificial ingredients. Perfect for an afternoon snack or late-night dessert!


LEMON POPPYSEED: When life gives you lemons, turn it into a Bomb Bar! This plant-based bar has the crunch from the poppyseeds and the tart, but sweet flavor from lemons. This flavor is the zest! 


BLUEBERRY AND GOGI: A little bit tart and a tad bit sweet. This berry delicious bar is a great alternative to the gas station candy you crave but without the artificial sugar. Goji and blueberries pack a flavor punch, while our other plant-based superfoods leave you feeling full and happy.

Bomb Bars by Blender Bombs