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This Macrame "chunky" plant hanger features a simple boho design with pops of color. A Macrame piece like this gorgeous plant hanger will bring texture and artistic style to your space. This plant hanger fits large plants and pots!

- This design comes in one size.
- Made to order: designed and handmade by Aliza Rose in Charleston, SC.
- Made with 100% high quality cotton rope. It has a beautiful natural off white color with a pop of an accent color of your choice.
- This plant hanger is made to fit a variety of pot sizes, but typically 8" - 14" pots fit best.


Approximately 36" long.
*ring is about 2" extra.
**adding plants to the hanger will fill it out and decrease the length slightly (depending on the size of your pots). Best used with "drippy" trailing plants like pothos, string of pearls, etc.


Chunky Macramé Plant Hanger by Rosie The Wanderer

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