Easily cut through grease & grime while eliminating odors with this natural, household cleaning solution. Our formula is an excellent alternative to harsh chemicals while still giving surfaces the deep, anti-bacterial treatment you need in a cleaning spray. Perfect for kitchen & bathrooms and any hard surfaces throughout your home.


Doubles as a sweet & earthy air freshener thanks to highly aromatic organic essential oils and lemon peel infused alcohol. Essential oils include Lemon, Labdanum, Frankincense, Lavender & Tangerine. 

FRAGRANCE PROFILE: Aromatic sweet lemon with a slight warm & earthy twist.


No residue or harsh chemicals. Enjoy clean surfaces – the natural way.


All Natural • Non-toxic • Cruelty-Free • No Artificial Fragrances or Colors • Safe Biodegradable Preservatives •  Vegan Friendly


**Hey! Hey! Do your part and get rewarded. This is a recyclable item which means you can bring in your empty container (rinsed, please!) and we will give you a 5% discount on your same day purchase. Instore only, but what a deal! 

CLEAN Multi-Surface Spray Lemon Leaf + Amber by Steel Birch