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8oz. RD Naturals Elderflower Syrup (not for immune system support) is a sweet syrup, infused with organic elderflowers and lemon.

While it's not to be mistaken for our immune-supporting Elderberry Syrup, it is an all-natural way to liven up drinks and desserts!  

Elderflowers are the beautiful white blossoms that come from the Elder Tree.  For centuries, Elderflower Syrup (sometimes called Elderflower Cordial) has been used in many Northern European countries including Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and England.


Mix our Elderflower Syrup in still or sparkling water for a refreshing drink.

Shake it up in cocktails, mocktails, or drizzle it on fruit or ice cream for dessert.


Ingredients: Water, Organic Sugar, Elderflowers, Fresh Lemon, and Citric Acid

Elderflower Syrup (Drink Mixer) by RD Naturals

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