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AWAKENING: Awaken your space with the fragrance of the tropics. This is a pack of 40 individual sticks. 

Scent notes: tropical blend of citrus, pineapple and a hint of sugar


CLARITY: Vibrant, bright and fresh mint helps to really clear your head. Light this incense and see for yourself. 

Scent notes: traditional peppermint sprigs, rosemary, spearmint & eucalyptus


SERENITY: Bring peace into your entire space.  

Scent notes: melon, apple, pear, geranium patchouli, white grape, berry amber, and musk


SENSUALITY: Enjoy a sultry scent that permeates throughout your entire space.

Scent notes: bergamot, sage, apple blossom, cardamom, tonka bean, oak moss, honey and coriander


* Hand-Dipped in Small Batches

* 45 - 65 Minute burn time per stick

* 10-inch sticks, 40 sticks per bundle

Intention Incense by Motherland Essentials

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