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Coconut Suka is a spicy coconut vinegar.  We start with fermented coconut water, and infuse it with Thai chilis, ginger, and garlic.  What results is an absolutely delicious, spicy, gluten-free sauce.


Inspired by a Filipino vinegar BBQ sauce, Coconut Suka adds an element of acidic spiciness to any dish, creating complexity with subtle sweet/salty notes. Use as a vinegar based BBQ sauce for smoked, pulled meat; dip your deli meat sandwich in a ramekin filled with Suka; shake on fish and chips; or douse your pizza with it. You can also use Suka as a salad dressing with or without mixing a little mayo in; dress your tuna, bean, or vegetable salad. Pickle shrimp, drizzle in fish tacos, or use as a raw oyster condiment. Some out-of-the-box mixologists have also used it in delicious, electric blue Tiki cocktails!

Spicy Coconut Suka by Burnt and Salty

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