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Hiiii fellow Swifties! Brighten up your life with a macrame mirrorball hanger carefully made to represent the Era that speaks to you the most! The sparkles that reflect off of these in the sun are sure to make you smile. Hang it from the ceiling, the wall, or even on a curtain rod to catch the perfect sun rays. Get ready to *shimmer*!

- This design comes in one size.
- Made to order: designed and handmade by Aliza Rose in Charleston, SC.
- Made with 100% high quality cotton cord. You will have cord color (album) choices when adding to cart.
-Cord colors for each era were carefully selected to fit the feel and the look of the album. All eras have the gold sparkly cord in addition to their unique cord colors representative of their album.
- 6" disco ball is included

Approximately 31" long from wood ring to end of tassel.
The disco balls are 6" around, and fit in the hanger perfectly.

    Swiftie Mirrorballs by Rosie the Wanderer

    SKU: RTW128
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