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This awesome bucket bag is 100% waterproof on the bottom, making it the perfect bag for the beach, pool, or boat. Its rigid fabric allows it to stand up, but it is very lightweight. This bag is extremely tough. It’s UV resistant and you can hose it down if it ever gets muddy. It also folds up flat for storage or as a great extra bag on a trip. 14 in x 20 in x 8 in, 1 lb.


When you buy a Sea Otter Outfitter product, you are helping our environment. By buying a locally-made product, with responsible sourcing and manufacturing, you are supporting a movement of businesses that exist to help you and our environment. We give 10% of our profits to local organizations that look after our marshes, beaches, and oceans. Thank you for being a responsible consumer and investing in companies that actually work to do good!



Bags are water-repellant, which means they can get splashed, sit on wet surfaces, and take a spill. They are not submersible, meaning that they will leak from their seams and zippers if you put them underwater. Sea Otter is coming out with a 100% submersible bag soon!



Bags are machine washable, on cold. Air dry or dry with no heat. Do not iron. You can also spot wash our bags with dish soap and cool water, for example, Dawn works great.

The Hayes Beach Bag by Sea Otter Outfitters

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