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Looking for a sleek way to elevate your cuttings while propagating? The Adeline is for you! We created a “sister” of sorts to "The Archie" propagation station. The only differences are 1. The rounded edges & 2. The shelf to hold the test tube, no magnets! The shelf is secured with two countersunk wood screws, so it's not going anywhere! There is also still a keyhole slot installed on the back side for wall mounting.

⋓ Arch Dimensions: 3" wide X 5" tall X 1/2" thick
⋓ Shelf Dimensions: 2”
⋓ Test Tube Dimensions: 1” wide X 5.9” tall
⋓ Backer Material: 1/2" Walnut Plywood

*Each piece is hand cut, routed and sanded from 1/2 maple plywood. The dimensions might differ slightly piece by piece, as well as coloring and edge profile. Please keep that in mind while purchasing.

*The plywood is not sealed. We recommend removing the test tube completely from the backer to clean/refill. Making sure to wipe any excess water off the tube before replacing it. If a small amount of water does get onto the backer piece, it will dry with no issues. If the piece becomes saturated, it may warp & show signs of water damage.

*Plants and mounting screws are NOT included

Wall Mount Arched Propagation Station by Colleen & Me Makers Co.

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