Where modern concrete elegance meets plant lady. Take a look at our “Roots” propagation station! We combined a modern style with propagation functionality. The wooden shelf stores a 1" test tube & allows for easy removal of the test tube from the station to refill/change the water or clean out the tube. The backer is concrete coated, with a keyhole placed on the backside, for easy wall mounting. The shelf is secured with two 1" wood screws on the back.

The Roots is a piece near and dear to our hearts, as it was the start of a genuine and growing love of propagation. We created a similar piece over 2 years ago & shared it with the world via Instagram earlier this year (it was actually valentines day). The Reel went viral & everyone was asking about this propagation stations/where to purchase it. Fast forward & we are now in business sharing our starting roots with the world. Hence the name, The Roots.

Concrete Dimensions: 4 13/16"
Shelf W/ Backer: 4 13/16" long X 1 1/2" wide X 1 3/4" height
Width of entire staton: 1 15/16ths inches
Test Tube Dimensions: 15/16" wide X 7 3/4” tall
Backer Material: Concrete
Shelf Material: Pine Wood

Wall Mount Cement Propagation Station by Colleen & Me Makers Co.