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BR Design Co.

BR Design Co. is a Charleston-based jewelry and accessories design company that features handcrafted polymer clay, and naturally-dyed wood and leather items. The company is owned and operated by sisters Carlene Browner and Cassandra Browner Richardson, who are continually reinventing their styles to stay fresh and on trend.


Dotsuwa Designs 

Jessica Knuff designs and creates jewelry with natural materials such as bone, shell, stone and porcupine quills. She also specializes in traditional peyote and loom beadwork. Most of her jewelry is inspired by Native legends or local places, and has great symbolic detail.  


Lovely Dark Woods

Candy Barton, who is completing her aromatherapy certification, lives with her natural minded family in the lovely, dark woods of Coastal South Carolina. She offers an array of aromatherapy bracelets and accessories and essential oil blends, but looks forward to a greater variety of things in the near future.


The Paint Garden

Alaina Scavullo is a school teacher and a lover of art, travel, and all things botanical. She has an undergraduate degree in studio art. While she eventually fell in love with teaching children with special needs, art has always been her first love.  


Rosie the Wanderer

Aliza Rose is the creative force behind Rosie the Wanderer. As a maker of all things boho, her art is inspired by nature, travel, and everyday magical moments that fill us with wonder. Life is an adventure, and she considers it her duty to explore, create, and share all that it has to offer. 


Whiskers & Wax 

Ashley Houdyschell founded Salt + Pine candle company in 2017, and in 2019 switched her focus to creating pet-friendly candles with the start of Whiskers & Wax. The company’s core belief is that the products we bring into our homes should be safe and healthy for everyone, including our furry friends. All Whiskers and Wax candles are made with pet-friendly ingredients including all natural dye-free soy wax, lead-free cotton wicks, phthalate-free oils, and fragrances that are non-toxic to pets.


Carly Thomas Design

Carly Thomas is a painter and graphic designer born in Charleston, South Carolina. Her artwork is inspired by fauvism, traditional tattoo graphics, and her travels. She is currently working and traveling around the U.S. in a van with her husband and two dogs, Belle and Cooper. 

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I Love CHS

Sam Sidney and Jane Ellen Paraschos are the creative minds behind the I Love Charleston brand. Stamping apparel, bags, stickers, and more with their inventive logo, these two women came together for the love of Charleston.

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Me Time Botanicals

Kara Reich blends her passion for self-care with skin-loving nourishing plant actives that naturally contain antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids, and other phytonutrients to feed your skin and soul. She always uses plant-based, cruelty-free ingredients that keep your skin soft and radiant at an affordable price.  


Presented by Taryn

Taryn Weatherholtz lives in Charleston with her two daughters and husband. She enjoys creating unique and beautiful things by using her skills including knitting, hand embroidery, creweling, quilling, quilting, sewing, stamping, and so much more.


Sacred Solids

Sebastian Mojarro is a ceramist manifesting his vision to bring affordable modern art into your home or office. He specializes in creating geometric concrete planters to house a variety of items such as succulents, jewelry, candles, writing utensils, and make up. 


Vibey Soap Co.

Christy Gannett blends, pours, cuts, wraps, and ships every Vibey Soap bar by hand. She began making soap for her daughter who suffered from Eczema. Once she discovered the healing power of pure coconut oil, she created the Vibey Soap Co. studio here in Charleston, SC. 


Day to Day Creations

Megan Day is the spunky artist and art teacher behind her jewelry and art brand, DAYTODAY. She is happily located on "The Edge of America" - Folly Beach, SC.

“Folly is consistently providing me with inspiration as well as materials to complete my BOHEMIAN CREATIONS.”~Megan


Kelly Knight Art

Kelly Knight is a NC native who works from her home studio in Charleston, SC. Inspired by the strong women that surrounded her throughout her life, Kelly has a modern yet traditional style. Evidenced in her art and jewelry is the influence of the southern rural mountains and tiny coastal towns which were part of Kelly’s childhood travels. 


Morgan Cole

Morgan Cole lives in downtown Charleston. As an abstract artist, water has been a constant inspiration in how she approaches her work. Nature’s pure colors, rough textures, and balanced compositions find their home in the way she layers paint on a canvas; always with a palette knife in hand. 


RD Naturals

Sara Gail is a Registered Dietitian (RD)  and is the owner and operator of RD Naturals, a product line of Sara Gail Nutrition. It is the company Sara Gail started on Daniel Island in 2015.  The RD Naturals recipes have been carefully developed and perfected using only the highest quality organic and wildcrafted ingredients. 


Timber Wood Prints

Linne Hutto is a custom furniture builder who developed a love for trees in the process. The marvelous varieties of wood inspired Linne to start making prints from salvaged wood. 


“There is nothing better than exploring in nature to find the perfect piece that will become a work of art.” ~Linne

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