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Does your total health need an overhaul? Do you feel like your life, thoughts and things are scattered? Are you ready to thrive and not just survive? By putting pen to paper in this three-week guided journal, you will bring awareness to habits and patterns that are not serving you. The tips, tools, and guides throughout will bring realization to the areas of life where you are stuck. Healthy eating is the sole focus of week one, and you will continue throughout the entire journal to focus on nutrition. In week two you will bring attention to moving your body more, and in week three you will explore all of the other areas of life that may be holing you back, such as your career and relationships. Short weekly readings and assessments, along with daily journaling and checklists, will result in realizations about which areas of your life need to be prioritized. After three weeks you will feel lighter, clearer, and ready to continue on a path of total wellness.

21 Clean Guided Wellness Journal by Lauren Maurizio

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