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8 folded 4x6 cards with envelopes
Each bird has a personality with fun facts on the back, blank inside 


Meet the flock:

"Alice" is a Northern Pacific Albatross. She is a sea loving gal with a vast wingspan. She can live up to 60 years. Many Albatross species are in trouble and need our help.


Hold your nose! "Bert" is a Hoatzin from South America. Because of his unique ability to slowly digest his beloved green leaves he sometimes smells like a cow.


G’day! "George" is a Royal Penguin living down under on Macquarie Island. He is a dedicated Dad.


"Kai" is a bright-eyed Crested Auklet from the Pacific Northwest. Sometimes he smells like tangerines. 


Ricco Ricco is a Philippine Eagle, a.k.a. Monkey-eating eagle. He is the national bird of the Philippines and is critically endangered due to habitat loss. He is an apex predator whose diet mostly includes large snakes, lizards, and large birds.


"William" is a Pileated Woodpecker. He doesn’t vocalize like some birds but is an awesome drummer and loves a good joke...knock? knock?


Gerald is a Canadian Goose who mates for life, which can be anywhere from 10 to 25 years. He is a protective parent defending his young usually by giving hissing warning signs before biting. Gerald and his friends fly in groups of about 30 to 100 individuals around 40 miles per hour during migration.


"Tessa" is a Somali Ostrich. Tessa is a big gal whose beautiful white plumage makes her easy to spot in the Horn of Africa.

JBerds Series Card Set by Julie Glass Studio

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