Approximately 3"x8". Hand-dyed silk eye pillows are filled with rice, dried lavender flowers, and dried chamomile flowers. Chill or heat in the microwave for 20 seconds. Spot clean with a damp cloth. 


The Process:

Undyed silk charmeuse is stretched horizontally, creating a flat surface and blank canvas upon which hand-tinted shades of liquid dye are applied. In order to build depth of color, the dye is brushed onto the surface in thin layers.   Once dried, the hand-painted silk cures for a few days before being washed to remove the excess dye. 

Next, the dyed silk is pinned to a padded print table for the application of colorful pattern. Hand drawn or photographed images are screen printed, often in multiple layers in custom mixed pigments and metallic inks. 

Finally, the dyed, printed piece of silk is sewn into a finished scarf, baby blanket, or item for the home.  

Every few weeks, Thorn adds to her library of silk screens. New hand-drawn images or photographs become permanent additions to her collection of designs, now numbering in the hundreds.

Silk Eye Pillow by Paige Thorn Silks