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Delia Daytona is the closest thing that San Way, California, has to a socialite. Everyone in their small seaside town adores her, even her daughter Dolly. Running a small diner by the ocean, their family has spent the last few years together in harmony. One night, Dolly comes home early to discover that her mother has been harboring a vicious secret way bigger than Dolly could have ever imagined. 

Delia's violent actions send Dolly running away to college without a word, evading the imminent danger hidden under Delia's pretty hair and dresses. It isn't until Dolly comes home to confront waht she's left behind, which may or may not involve a college boy and a pink RV ready to race Delia in Dolly's fight for the truth.

The Dread That Dolly Gave Her Paperback Book by E. Fritz

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